Kitchen Overhaul

Most fun project yet!  This homeowner knew where to find things in her kitchen but had become overwhelmed by items piling up - to the point of giving up on any organizational strategy.  We have all been there.  

She and I pulled everything out, sorted, and replaced items  so the cupboards function the way her family needs.   A few dollar store bins helped "containerize."  She made speedy decisions about what to keep or toss and we completed these cupboards in four hours.

These before and after shots show a great transformation!  People always ask - where did all the stuff go?  Well, we did throw out 2 bags of trash (papers, expired food, etc.) and donated 2  boxes of kitchen items.  The rest was shuffled into spaces or bins.  It's like a jigsaw puzzle!

The Laundry Room Project

This is MY house.  And this space is too small to get a decent photo!  Bulky wardrobe style cupboards with doors and drawers held everything from lightbulbs to paper plates and what couldn't fit in the cupboards wound up on the floor.  

Open shelving was a great solution in this space, allowing easy access to everything and a visual on what we have and what we need to buy.  Plus, it holds so much more. This awesome heavy duty wire shelving came from

Tech Office Kitchen Project

The office manager wanted to create a more inviting space with self-serve snacks.  We got rid of the small, flimsy cupboards in favor of a sturdy, open IKEA shelving unit.  We installed a few doors and drawers for cutlery and condiments.   The snack baskets were a great find at HomeGoods.

The Server Room

Also at the tech office, the "server room" was a narrow space in which outdated equipment and office furniture tended to pile up. 

This project is a good example of when the organizer is  the cheerleader to kickstart a project.  I provided the company owner with some ideas for the room layout and handed over some bins to use for organizing the existing shelves. He independently sorted out the broken, outdated equipment.  I returned to replace considerably fewer items back in the room, finding perfect storage for keyboards and equipment. The team was even able to set up an entire workstation in this space.  This was a brilliant use of the company owner's time and resources - and he has a much more functional space!