Keep it simple.

How spruce works

1.  It starts with a phone conversation about your project.  We will discuss your needs  - maybe it's purging piles or reorganizing the items you use regularly.  

2.  We will set a time to get together for about 30 minutes.  We'll take a look at your space and discuss your vision.  We will take some photos and measurements.  This appointment can be completed "virtually."

3.  Within 48 hours, Spruce will provide a general time frame and action steps for undertaking and completing your project.   And we'll get our first "organizing date" on the calendar!


Types of Projects We really really love



Piece by piece... we can create a space that works.  We can help you decide what to keep, what to part with and what to do with each pile.



As a mom and former preschool teacher, playrooms top my list for a fun space to set up!  All ages welcome for the brainstorming session!



Do you come home with groceries that you already have in the cabinet? Want to buy bulk items but can't store them? 

Let's work on that.

New Spaces


Reducing, renovating or changing your living space can be an overwhelming challenge.  Even the most organized types can struggle at these times. We can help you sort and strategize.

Home Offices


How's working from home working out?  Multi-tasking spaces and the distractions of working at home require functional and appealing spaces.  Let's get started on your vision.

Laundry Rooms


The laundry room is the heart of the home and often times the hardest space to keep under control.   We know what you're dealing with and are happy to help.

Get in touch!

Fill out a quick online form about your project and we'll talk to you soon!