a few things you might be wondering.

Do I really need to hire someone?

I get it.  Why pay someone to do something that you can do yourself?  You just need a free weekend, some black trash bags and a jolt of motivation. 

Here's the thing.  For years I did my own painting.  Every time, it took me days or weeks.  I made a mess.  I ran out of steam near the end of the project. Eventually I could get a room painted. But when I moved to my new house, the ceiling was too high and the walls were a deep orange color. Reluctantly, I hired a professional painter. Seeing the results and eliminating the stress - my painting days were over.

Maybe that's where you're at with your attic or garage or home office.  Overwhelmed or losing steam.   Frustrated by a space that's not working or a storage area that's too full.  I can help you regain direction and see the project through to the end.

So give it a try.  We can start small - maybe the hall closet? Or go big with a whole garage.  You'll be glad you reached out.


I believe in being up-front with  costs, timing and expectations.  I appreciate knowing your budget in advance as we make our plans.  If you have any questions, let's discuss.

Spruce charges a flat hourly rate

How much will it cost to clean out your basement?  

Many people ask for a per-project cost estimate.  I can give one - but it will be based on a flat hourly rate and my best guess at the time required to complete a particular job. Sometimes the work goes more slowly - or faster - than we could have predicted.  At times there will be "homework" between organizing sessions and, depending on your speed and motivation, you can accomplish a lot on your own!

Flexibility is key

If I know my clients, one of the reasons you haven't tackled that basement is because you simply don't have a day to devote to it.  So we will work together to develop a plan of attack.  I am happy to work solo, getting the space "staged" for your decision making. In addition, once you've decided on things to keep, toss or pass along, I'm  happy to help coordinate the sale or donation of unwanted items.

We will always work within your budget and make the best use of your time.


I will provide a list of recommended materials (storage containers, hangers, etc) for you to purchase along with sources for those materials.  Additionally, I am happy to purchase materials for your project and invoice you later.  I will arrive on site with basic materials (sample plastic bins, trash bags and cardboard boxes) to use as we organize.

Fine Print Stuff

Ideally, I request a minimum of 3 hours on-site for an organizing session.   At the end of our first session, we will establish a plan for our next session, as needed.

Payment is expected at the end of the session.

Need to cancel an appointment?
Life happens. I am grateful for at least 24 hours cancellation notice. Cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Does Spruce sell items for me?  We are happy to help with photos and creating a for sale posting that you can use to sell via eBay or Craiglist.  

Does Spruce take away items (ie, junk removal)?  Happy to!  For a lesser hourly rate, Spruce will remove items from your home and deliver them to a donation center.   If more items are being hauled out, we can help coordinate the pick up and removal.

Will Spruce force me to get rid of things?  Never.  There are many strategies to try if you're unsure about what to keep and discard.  We will help you consider the pros and cons of items you're uncertain about. Nothing gets tossed without your consent! 

Do I need to be home when Spruce is working on my organizing project?  Not necessarily.  You will be called upon for decisions and it's usually helpful to work tandem for certain phases of the project.  However,  there is plenty that I can do on my own - freeing you up to focus on other things.